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Good evening!

We have added 3 articles to the Article section of the website, Chernobyl Power Plant Explosion, The Amityville Horror House, and Tombstone. We apologize for the complete lack of updates, and we are working to hopefully update more frequently. We are always accepting new stories and would love to hear about anybody’s paranormal experience. We also hope everyone is in good health and you stay safe.

-Happy Hauntings-

New Article

Good afternoon everyone, we have added a new article to the site called King’s Island, which is about the haunted amusement park right here in Ohio! If you have a story you would like to share please click the submit button in the navigation bar and send it in, you can also email us directly to!

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Stories & Article Has Been Added

We have added two new stories to the stories article, one submitted by Lindsay called Little Child, and also one by me Tasha from True Hauntings team! You don’t wanna miss either one of these!

We have also added a new article to the articles section called, The Exorcist “The Real Story”. The movie was actually based on a true story about the boy named Roland who was actually possessed from playing with a Ouija Board! Check it all out, and don’t forget to submit your story and send in article suggestions!

-Happy Haunting-

Centralia, Pennsylvania (The Real Silent Hill) Article Added

We have added a new article called Centralia, Pennsylvania (The Real Silent Hill) to the articles section of the site! Read about the real Silent Hill town, and how the fires got started underneath the now ghost-town! Also check out the full documentary video at the very end of the article to get an in-depth look into the story. Don’t forget to send in your stories and article suggestions!

-Happy Haunting-

Welcome BACK!

Welcome back to True Hauntings! We’ve moved here because, our other location never came back up and we felt it was time to go ahead and find a new home, so here we are. Take a look around most of the old stuff is here. We have yet to add in the newer articles which will be added shortly. We hope you enjoy your stay as usual and submit your True Haunting Story, which the submit link is at the top in the navigation bar. Also if you would like to suggest any articles you’d like to read please send us an email  [] with your name, and suggestion and we’ll definitely get one written.

-Happy Haunting-

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